Fashion is not just limited to style, trends, and clothing it is beyond that. It is indeed a creation of wordless communication and depicts the personality of a person without even talking. Nowadays, fashion has differing perceptions varying according to the type of people. People choose trends to make their fashion and now this cycle has become hype for Gen Z.

Why is it so important?

Living according to fashion is the toughest demand for Gen Z. Nowadays; a fashionable person is the most modern one. Wherever you go, the one person who has a better clothing taste is surrounded by companions. This has now become a fact to dress up well according to the place. At a certain point, this is right too because your outfit reflects your personality sometimes. To make a better impression it can be anywhere, like for interviews, interns, jobs, or even college you have to dress accordingly.

Trend is a small word but now the whole young generation revolves around it. Trend change with time and following trend is itself a trend. Most of our trends are influenced by western culture. When western culture mixes with the Indian theme it creates Mcdonaldization or heterogeneous surroundings.


Pros and cons:

A coin has two sides; this fashionable coin also has two types. If talked about the pros, people get to know each other’s tastes just by looking at them. It plays a major role in studying your thinking process, your personality, or your background. Being fashionable makes you feel that you look best for yourself, and it generates a feeling of self-confidence which helps in your mental well-being as well.

Talking of cons, it is a major factor to create grudges easily. Not all people are capable of following the trend and when these people see others doing it, it creates more differences. Clothing is a factor in highlighting the social levels even more. Trends are not bad it’s just that everybody cannot afford them and they should be respected.


In conclusion, Fashion is a Creation of Wordless Communication, is indeed a positive thought because fashion is not just wearing oversized or rugged it’s much towards being a decent-looking and self-satisfying person. Fashion is within yourself; everyone is fashionable in his/her own way it’s just how you explore it. Trends are just for some time but Fashion in you remains forever.