Sell your home

“I have to sell my house: what do I do now? Do I entrust the sale to two-three real estate agencies or do I bet everything on that agency down in the city that my friends recommended to me…?”

If you are selling a house or intend to do so soon, perhaps you too are looking for an answer to this doubt.

legitimate doubt. If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re probably not satisfied with simply selling the house to the highest bidder, but you want to make a nice nest egg from the sale.

So, how to regulate relations with the real estate agency?  Is it better to establish an exclusive assignment or NOT an exclusive one? Both are viable ways, let’s analyze the pros and cons of each and dispel your doubts once and for all


Signing a NOT exclusive contract means having the freedom to delegate the sale of the property to many different agencies in the same period of time (and therefore potentially, to receive a higher number of offers, given that your property is “visible” on more showcases).

With a NOT exclusive contract you can even conclude the sale yourself , finding private buyers, without being forced to pay the commission to the agent.

Conversely, once you have signed an exclusive contract with your real estate agency, you will NOT be able to simultaneously delegate the sale to other agents.  In other words, the only way you will have to sell your house is by going through the agency you have appointed. STOP.

Even if you have to find a buyer interested in your property on your own, you are forced to inform your agent and let him lead the negotiation. The contract provides for it.

So, is an exclusive or non-exclusive contract better? Ok, I know what you are thinking right now..

“Fantastic! I commission several agencies, my house appears in many shop windows, I don’t pay the commission and save myself a few thousand dollars…” Curb the enthusiasm!  Indeed, the NON-exclusive mandate might seem like the best option for selling a house BUT it involves a series of “hidden” consequences that most people don’t know about.