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baltimore gas and electric & Electric, often referred to as BGE, is a regulated utility company that provides electricity and natural gas to commercial and residential customers across a 2,300 square miles area in central Maryland. It operates under Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) regulations and policies.

Contrary to other utilities BGE customers have the option of choosing their electricity provider under Energy Choice. This allows customers to control the cost of electricity and possibly save money by choosing rates from a variety of providers including national providers such as Direct Energy and Constellation.

There are a variety of reasons why it is important to shop for electricity rates and select an alternative provider to lower your monthly bill. The most important reason is that the competitive suppliers provide lower rates than BGE’s standard price, but they also offer better customer service and offer additional benefits, such as 100 renewable energy plans, and other advantages.

A reliable tool for comparison is the best method to compare electricity rates. These tools offer comprehensive pricing information and are easy to use. These tools let you evaluate the rates offered by different suppliers and BGE’s regulation rates.

These tools will help you choose which supplier is right for your home or business. They also allow you to monitor your consumption and set alerts for high usage. They also assist you in determining which appliances consume the most energy, so you can save money by turning off the appliances during peak times or switching to an energy-efficient model.

Some of these providers offer incentives to convince you to sign up. For example, some of them may provide free installation or other benefits if you switch to their service. These offers could be false, misleading and could result in you paying more for your energy.

Retail energy providers also deceive consumers by sending them door-to-door mailers or calling to convince consumers to switch. These mailers typically contain ambiguous language that creates a false feeling and pressure to switch as soon as possible.

One of our clients is an unmarried mother living with a modest income, receives as much as five mailers per week from the suppliers. Mailings come in all sizes, from a small card to a large bill.

We recently reviewed six of the most popular suppliers. These suppliers range from family-owned local businesses to national corporations. Our comparison tools showed that a single-family household could save up to $108 per month and $3000 over the course of one year by switching suppliers.

The average electric bill for residential customers in Maryland is expected to rise by Maryland will increase 8.3 cents per kilowatt hour, or more than 20%, until 2022, according to BGE’s proposed three-year rate structure. CEO Carim Khouzami said that the proposal is intended to provide near-term relief to customers affected by Covid-19 as well as to support ongoing infrastructure investments in the electric grid.